Find a ‘Clearance’ rack or spot. Most retailers often have to clear stock due to line or season run out, tiny product flaws and left over stock.

If you are after clothing, look at changing room racks. The chances are many people already found great bargains and tried them on in order to find their size. This is a great shortcut used by savvy shoppers.

Ask Sales Assistant. They know what’s on sale, they know what is priced well, and in fact it is their job to help you out!

Some stores do price matching. Found a great deal, but it is too far away from you or it would take time to get it shipped? Just come into one of the shops that support price matching and claim your item at a great price instantly!

Check bargain hunting and deal spotting communities like iSpiMi. You get great deals within your target area without any hassle. Spot, share and grab deals!

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