Some businesses use phone text messages to let existing customers know about deals and offers they have. Are they a good idea?

Well, for a start the only people who are going to get your offers are customers who have already given you their phone number, probably when they have purchased from you once before. So it is a closed system. If a customer has not purchased from you or you don’t have their phone number you will never reach them. iSpiMi on the other hand, will reach ALL customers local to you, whether you know their phone number or not.

If you have collected their phone number by other means you are probably just generating bad will, not good. People value their privacy and don’t want you intruding into what they see as their private space, their phone messages.

Also phone messages are ‘pushed’ to the customers phone and they demand attention. Again this is a bad thing. Yes, I’m sure they want to know if their partner or kids want to tell them something, but do you really think they are going to thank any advertiser who is getting in their face in the same way? Nope! Most people hate receiving marketing text messages and your offer will generate more bad will than good. That is definitely the ‘wrong message’ to be sending to potential customers.

Yes iSpiMi does push messages to the customers phone too. But the difference is that iSpiMi only displays the messages when the customer wants to look at them! iSpiMi isn’t annoying. It doesn’t bother the customer with constant notifications but it is ALWAYS up to day and ALWAYS relevant. Customers are happy to see content when it suits them, and a happy customer is a better customer.

And the messages and images are all from from businesses to LOCAL customers. iSpiMi is just the best way for business to connect to local customers.

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