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How else can you use iSpiMi? Well, it is the perfect way for a business to keep in touch with your regular customers. When you have a special offer or wish to move some run out stock who better to tell then the customers who are already supporting you?

Don’t your regular customers deserve the opportunity to know about the best deals first? Of course they do! As regular customers they help keep you in business so it pays to keep them in mind when you have something special on offer.

When you have all your regular customers download iSpiMi they will always be informed when you have a special offer or deal for them. This is a great way to KEEP them as regular customers.

This doesn’t mean you won’t be promoting yourself to new customers. Other businesses will also be telling their customers to download iSpiMi for the same reason you are. And everyone local to you who uses iSpiMi is a potential customer for YOUR business. It really is a win-win opportunity for all small businesses.

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