The Good Old Ways.
Most retailers would love to reach as much local audience as possible.

The good old ways of doing that would be:

  • Street appeal – making sure your signage and store reflects the mood of your customers and represents your brand.
  • Brochures, local radio and papers – very traditional methods. May reach your audience depending on who you target. Nowadays these are by far not as effective as they used to be.
  • Deals and Promos – customers love a bargain, and will come back if they know they get a great deal at your store. Don’t forget about service level of course.


The New

  • Firstly, some of the old ways still work, but they are becoming less effective in the face of more mobile and social shoppers. You have to be mobile friendly. Make this an vital part of your marketing strategy.
  • Get social, on and off line – enough was said about Facebook, Instagram and other social media. They can also be a good way to engage and retain your ‘die-hard’ customers
  • Be a Part of New Platforms – New and exciting tools for retailers appear nowadays from time to time. They may have enormous local reach and be very cost effective. A good example would be ispimi – a mobile phone app where customers can explore deals in their local area. A great deal posted on ispimi can potentially attract plenty of shoppers from within your area and even beyond. This is why iSpiMi is getting more and more popular among both shoppers and merchants
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