iSpiMi – What a hoot, and a Great Bargain to boot (pun intended)!

I am in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria visiting relatives. I have just woken up to a cold late October morning and the start of winter, with the current temperature outside registering at 1 ᵒC.

I know I am going to need some decent, winter boots while I am here as my trusty Nike Runners are just not going to cut it warmth-wise; winters in Bulgaria can be chilling (Sofia’s temperatures can drop down to -15 ᵒC, while in Pazardzhik they can drop down to -4 ᵒC).

So, what do I do? Do I check out all the local shoe shops to see if they have suitable boots at a reasonable price (wearing out both my feet and my shoes), do I do my research online for my locality (iffy at best as most shops will not have an internet presence), or can I shortcut all this effort with iSpiMi and get a great bargain as well.

Well I chose to flip open the iSpiMi Android App and see what the current deals available were in my locality.



Well, was I pleasantly surprised to see just the boots I was looking for posted to iSpiMi (by a *really* nice person with me in mind :-)) and available at my local Lidl store for a cool 34.99 lev. I loved both styles so much that I bought both the black and the beige boots. And let me tell you they are just wonderful … comfy, smart-looking AND warm!! A good tip to the shops if I say so myself!

So come on guys, let’s get behind iSpiMi AND start helping each other out by posting more great deals to iSpiMi wherever you happen to be located!

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