Buy Local and Support the Community

iSpiMi is all about LOCAL. Local businesses, local customers, local community. 

The web is a crowded world where you can see everything at once. Too crowded to stand out and be noticed, too crowded to find what you want.

iSpiMi reduces this complexity and brings back the importance of local community. When your reach is only to local customers you have a real chance to engage with them on a personal level that internet shopping cannot provide no matter what gimmicks they use. An on-line business 2,000 miles away is never going to shake you by the hand or personally hand you your shopping bag, or tell you how good you look in that new skirt.

No matter how touchy feely they try to be over the web there is no real human interaction. It is just a machine collecting the money and sending the goods.

To re-connect with community you need to see the person you are dealing with. A real smile has warmth that a cute smiley face will never match. Engaging your customers with iSpiMi lets you reach out to LOCAL customers. And iSpiMi lets YOU stand out and be noticed because your customers see only LOCAL businesses. Using iSpiMi you are not competing with someone 2,000 miles away.

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