Most businesses have traditional or seasonal slow days or periods. Sure you might close Saturday afternoons or Sundays because the city is just dead quiet at these times. And maybe it suits you to get some time off.

But I am talking about the days or times during your normal trading hours when sales or income drop to almost zero. We get used to it, we even expect it and we manage to work around it. If we do nothing but accept these quiet periods we are accepting that the profitability of our business is out of our control. And in business, you cannot afford to think like that!

The best way to ensure some trade in the quiet times is to raise your profile with your customers. You can do this by keeping in touch with them. No, don’t spam them with emails and phone txt messages.  The fastest way to get rid of customers is to annoy them when it suits YOU!  You need to take a different approach with existing customers. Let them know about your offers through a medium they can open when THEY want, at a time that suits them.

Next reach out to your customers with some special deal you have crafted just for them.. This shows you are thinking about them and that you appreciate their business. Everyone wants to be remembered. But show them, not just tell them.

Third, think of a different way of reaching out to them, some way you haven’t tried before. If you keep doing today what you did yesterday, you will get the same result. And you want a better result, right? So take action now.

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