About Us

iSpiMi is the mobile App that makes local shopping easier! It is a community of fellow bargain hunters who love to find, share and snap a deal!

What is the iSpiMi App?

The iSpiMi App will give access to a social network of active local customers ready to shop immediately! It is a community of fellow bargain hunters who love to find, share and snap a deal!

The iSpiMi App will make local shopping easier, faster, more convenient, and more accessible. Shoppers will be able to find out about local deals in their vicinity that are not normally advertised by the local smaller shops and merchants without having to walk down to the shop or do a lot of searching online to find these deals. When shoppers do find a deal they like, they can then go down to the local shop and pick it up.

Who We Are?

We are an intrepid group of entrepreneurs focused on changing local shopping experiences both for shoppers (bargain hunters) and retail merchants.

We met through Meetup.com when our leader, Peter Donovan, posted for interested people wanting to be part of a new startup venture and willing to do the work required. Initially we had about fourteen people who came to the first few meetups. One by one the others dropped out until there was five of us left … still keen and ready to go!

We then started the process of brain-storming for ideas, evaluating these and rejecting any that did not meet our criteria, until finally we settled on the iSpiMi App idea and business model for our startup. That process did take some time, but we believe we are on to a winner.


We have recently lost a couple of our co-founders to other projects; namely Emanuele Tonello and Alexei Kholodov. We wish them both the best in their new ventures.

The iSpiMi app has now been launched on both Android and iPhone! Join the iSpiMi community as a Merchant or Customer, or both!
Feedback on the iSpiMi app is sought and happily accepted. Let us know how we can improve the iSpiMi experience for you.

Meet the Team

Peter Donovan

Peter Donovan

our Leader & Business Expert

Peter is the CEO of iSpiMi and has been involved in the IT industry for over 20 years as a software developer, owner and manager of a software company. He is passionate about business development and crafting an excellent user experience within useful software and apps.

He is also a keen bargain hunter and likes to get value for money. No he’s not cheap!! But he does know the value of a dollar. He likes to shop locally and supports local businesses wherever possible.

Peter enjoys movies and music and is an enthusiastic if somewhat erratic student of the guitar. He also enjoys a good SiFi read and has even threatened to write a book (on numerous occasions). He loves the countryside and city life both, excellent coffee, good red wine and quirky cafés and bars and the interesting people found therein.

Tony Mellor

Tony Mellor

our Web App Expert

Tony has been a business owner and involved in the I.T. Industry for 20+ years and loves to see new emerging technologies.

He says we are in an exciting time and it’s only the beginning. He is keen to make a difference and improve other peoples lives which is why he is really happy to be involved with this great team.

As a lover of live music Tony is always looking for better ways to find those bands and says that iSpiMi will definitely sort out that little problem. (Improvement Number 1. Sorted…)

Stef Miladinova

Stef Miladinova

our Business, Marketing & Systems Expert

Stef is a Business Coach / Systems Specialist with her own business, Business Revisited. She is very passionate about helping small business people achieve their business and personal goals and objectives, expand their knowledge and excel in their endeavours. Stef, through Business Revisited, provides business coaching services and products, and systems optimisation services to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and self-employed professionals wanting to improve and/or grow their business.

Stef has formal qualifications in systems engineering, with nineteen plus years experience in IT. She also has business experience from running her own businesses over the years.

Stef is a keen reader with a particular passion for mystery, fantasy and SiFi. She loves cooking, trying different foods and cuisines, watching movies, travelling and going for long walks in the country-side.

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