iSpiMi is THE fastest, easiest and best way to reach your customers

iSpiMi is a Deals App like no other. Quick and easy access to the network of active customers who are ready to shop immediately.

Deals are easy to setup and manage.

Just post the details of one or more of the awesome deals you have, pick the category and choose how many days you would like the post displayed, hit the ‘post’ button, and get ready for the customers. Yes, it’s that simple!

Your offers can be seen by customers within seconds of posting it.

Your post is displayed almost immediately after you hit the ‘post’ button. That means you can create deals on the spot and generate customer interest very quickly.

High relevance and unmatched cost effectiveness.

iSpiMi users are looking for deals specifically in your area. You pay a daily low flat rate that can give you an unparalleled exposure for the money.

Generate new business as well as repeated business.

iSpiMi is a great tool to let customers know about your deals. It would assist you in generating new customers. These same shoppers as well as new consumers would look for and find your other deals on iSpiMi that you would post afterwards bringing you both new and repeated business.

Access to a network of local customers who are ready to shop immediately.

People local to your business are ALWAYS shopping for goods of some type. Maybe for groceries, last minute necessities, impulse buys, planned purchases or just great deals which are too good to pass up. With iSpiMi they get to see YOUR deals because you are their local business. And when they walk through your door they can see what else you have to offer.

Post your great deals to LOCAL customers who will buy IN-STORE.

We are working hard to expand the iSpiMi community.

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